About Friendsim 2

Friendsim 2 is a fan-made sequel to the original Hiveswap: Friendsim.
It is in no way affiliated with What Pumpkin Games.

Friendsim 2 is being developed by Studio June, a fan collective dedicated to producing thoughtful, engaging post-canon content in the Homestuck and Hiveswap fandoms.

Development Schedule

Friendsim 2 is in the early production phase - asset creation, UI design, outlining, organization, worldbuilding, etc.

We anticipate releasing our first routes in spring of 2022, with routes releasing regularly after that.

Our Core Team

Our core team is made up of a group of talented Homestuck and Hiveswap fans from a diverse section of the fandom:

Jonaya Riley: Director/Narrative Director
A woman who’s written over a million words of Homestuck/Hiveswap-related fiction, including two Hiveswap novels. She’s currently the narrative director for Studio June’s post-canon visual novel, New Game Plus, and has worked on a number of other fan-projects, including the Pesterquest Fan Dub, the Will it Homestuck? podcast, and numerous other projects.

Bucky Grant: Art Director
A long-time Homestuck fan and content creator, Bucky has been involved in a wide range of fan projects. They’re the director for New Game Plus, main host of the Will it Homestuck? podcast, and are prolific writer, artist, and voice actor.

Anna: Voice Director
Another long-time fan creator, Anna has been heavily involved in the Homestuck music and voice acting scene, and has been responsible for projects such as the Time’s Apprentice musical, the Broadwaystuck 2020 panel, and countless comic dubs and other voice-acting projects. She was a writer for Distantquest, voice-actor for the Pesterquest fan dub, and much more!

Our Creators

Our team includes writers, artists, and musicians from throughout the fandom, including creators who have worked on other major fan projects (including Befriendus, DistantQuest, Midnight City, the PesterQuest fan dub, and more!) as well as artists who have previously worked on Hiveswap Act 1 & 2, Hiveswap: Friendsim, Pesterquest, and Homestuck^2.

Creators include a diverse and multi-faceted group of people from throughout the Homestuck fandom.

Our Voice Actors

Friendsim 2 will feature full character voice acting (basically, everyone who isn't MSPAR or narrative text) throughout the routes, featuring talents drawn from the modern Homestuck voice acting community.


Standard gameplay will take the form of a Friendsim or Pesterquest-style visual novel. Players will once again fill the oversized hoodie of the MSPA Reader and engage in dialogue with a variety of interesting characters, but old and new.

In addition to the normal gameplay, expect a number of twists on the old formulas. Keep your eyes open - you never know when things might switch up on you!

The Basic Story

Friendsim 2 takes place after both Hiveswap: Friendsim and Pesterquest. It features MSPA Reader, once again back on Alternia and looking for their old friends. Of course, things are rarely as simple as they seem, and MSPAR may find that things have changed a lot since they last laid foot on Alternian soil.

Taking place in a timeline where the events of Hiveswap Acts 1 & 2 never happened, Friendsim 2 explores a possible conclusion to the Friendsim and Pesterquest story. The specifics of that conclusion are up to you.

Salvation or revolution... it's your choice to make.

For some hints about the story, here are some promotional quotes featuring a few of the characters...

Concept Art & Wallpapers


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